Four Season Flower Bath

While dipping into the tub, warm water along with colors and natural aroma from flowers will make you get a feeling downright pleasant and cheery. At this point, you may be wondering: when was the bathing therapy invented and how does it work?

What You Should Know

Free 10 minutes of foot soaking and cleaning.

Free a cup of tea.

Special gifts for your birthday.

SKINCARE: Bright white palm treament

Includes: Foot soaking, a cup of chamomile tea.

With fresh Vitamin C (5%) and royal jelly combined with antioxidant and moisturizing properties like Vitamin A&E in the products combining with Energy treatments will surely reduce irritation, darkening while enhancing sunlight resistance.

60 min for 450.000 VND

SKINCARE: Skin rejuvenation from Salmon

Includes: Foot soaking, a cup of chamomile tea.

Salmon eggs are considered to be premium if not luxury anti-aging ingredients for those who are looking for skin care perfection.

60 min for 590.000 VND

Essential oil candles MASSAGE

Includes: Foot soaking, a cup of chamomile tea.

Massage candles are made from special nourishing essential oil in the form of candles. The oil is composited from natural ingredients such as soybean butter, Jojoba seeds, Vitamin E and pure essential oils available in 9 different aromas.

These candles are light by masseurs like a regular scented candle. And thanks to the heat of the fire, the candles will melt into an excellent lotion, suitable for skin care with a gentle, pure scent.

Therefore, customers is highly recommended not to bathe immediately after massage to help the lotion penetrate into the skin in order to increase the effectiveness of skin caring and moisturizing.

60 min for 500.000 VND

90 min for 640.000 VND

Vietnam traditional

Includes: Foot soaking, a cup of chamomile tea.

Himalayan hot stone massage is a method of combining massage techniques with natural essential oils.

It is the high mode of traditional massage, acting on the body in the form of a wave caused by the vibrations from extremely small disparity or changes in temperature.

Himalayan hot stone is heated by an autoclave to a certain temperature, then gently placed on the client's body at the acupuncture points to help blood circulation, dispel fatigue, refresh body and maximum relaxation.

60 min for 540.000 VND

90 min for 690.000 VND

Thai Massage

Includes: Foot soaking, a cup of chamomile tea .

The traditional Thai reflexology massage techniques with push, pull, reverse massage, manipulation, press ... are the main, mostly joint activities, muscle stretching, to achieve the purpose of active tendon. smooth and softens all the massage joints. The techniques in erectile need, in need of erection, make the body of the massaged person feel very comfortable and comfortable, and at the same time help the body relieve fatigue quickly, achieve disease prevention and recovery. comprehensive health recovery.

60 min for 590.000 VND

90 min for 750.000 VND


Includes: Foot soaking, a cup of chamomile tea 

The foot is a map of the body for each point on it corresponds to every organ, gland and other parts of the body.

Foot massage brings balance, stimulates self-healing ability and body's recovery while increases the durability and endurance of the foot.

60 min for 420.000 VND

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