Lovin Spa – An Experience Like No Other

Lovin’spa comes from a peaceful castle in the heart of Vung Tau City since 2014.


With the love of spa and for a journey back to traditional beauty, we offer a place for all souls to belong.


Where is it? West lake is in the heart of Hanoi Capital. We want to bring a tranquil, natural place, a familiar space for you to visit and always return. It is a place for souls to experience something new and different and will feel re-vitalised.


There comes forth a Lovin’ spa flower castle since then – right next to West lake, to satisfy all the desires of a soul.


Lovin’ spa is the perfect place for you to escape from the chaos of life and relax on your own or with your friends and family, with all souls in tune.


Live in the moment at Lovin’ Spa – completely refresh your mind, soul and body.

Garden in the soul

Four Season Flower Bath
Feel-up With Your Couple